Arcevia and its nine castles

A few kilometers from Martelletto, Arcevia is an ancient village that rises 500 meters above sea level on Monte Cischiano.

The history of Arcevia has distant origins and this antiquity can be breathed everywhere by walking through its historic center or by visiting the nine castles that dot the surrounding area.

As a matter of fact the Arceviese is by definition the land of castles in the Marche: Loretello, Piticchio, Castiglioni, Avacelli, Montale, Nidastore, San Pietro, Palazzo and Caudino are fourteenth-fifteenth century castles, all with wall structures and well maintained.

Being arranged in a ring around Arcevia, it is possible to optimize the itinerary by following the route I created on Google Maps for you.


castelli Arcevia


But let’s go back to Arcevia: the village is surrounded by a mighty boundary wall that can be crossed in several points of which some circular towers remain, two polygonal towers and four entrance gates to the city. From the Porta del Sasso you reach the Corso Mazzini (the main street) overlooked by the most important buildings such as the Palazzo della Duchessa and the Collegiata di San Medardo, and then enter Piazza Garibaldi where the Town Hall (one of the oldest in the region) overlooks.

The attention paid to tourism by the municipal administration is demonstrated by the many events that are organized throughout the year. Among the most important we find:

for music lovers in late July there is the Arcevia Jazz Feast (http://www.arceviajazzfeast.it) with improvisation seminars and workshops; 

Arcevia Jazz

for the arts lovers in general you can enjoy the AR[t]CEVIA International Art Festival (https://artceviablog.wordpress.com/edizioni-del-festival/) that at the end of summer animates the whole vast territory of the municipality with performances and exhibitions in which more than 50 artists from all over the world take part.

Artcevia International Art Festival

But if you re still looking for a reasons to visit the village then take a look at the link  http://blog.visitarcevia.com/una-ragione-in-realta-molte-di-piu-al-mese-per-visitare-arcevia/ and you won’t have any more excuses.

Since 2008 the municipality has been given the recognition of “friend of itinerant tourism” for having prepared a special equipped aerial for camper parking adjacent to the historic center.



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