The medieval town of Serra San Quirico

Serra San Quirico is a marvelous testimony of medieval architecture that rises on the west side of the Esino river, from which Vallesina, on the edge of the Natural Park of the Gola della Rossa, [...]

Arcevia and its nine castles

A few kilometers from Martelletto, Arcevia is an ancient village that rises 500 meters above sea level on Monte Cischiano. The history of Arcevia has distant origins and this antiquity can be [...]

Loreto and its Basilica

Loreto owes its fame to the sanctuary, for centuries and still today, one of the most important and visited places of pilgrimage in the Catholic world with its 4 million visitors a year.   [...]


Since May 2016 at Martelletto there has been a pair of kestrels nesting in an annex of our farm, and every year it gives us the wonder of a hatch and the first flight of one of their young. A [...]

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